Freelancing in the pharmaceutical industry: 

   an opportunity to be seized

For almost 20 years, the global labour market has been experiencing a significant increase in the number of entrepreneurs & freelancers. With the growth of digital technologies and a shift in attitude, it is now easier to move towards freelancing. This is the choice being made by several healthcare experts are making. 

How to explain this growing interest around the freelance model? What are the opportunities for professionals from pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech companies or healthcare startups?

Freelancing, as an alternative to wage-earning, satisfying new needs of companies & individuals

A freelance is first & foremost a qualified independent worker who is self-employed. He provides his skills and know-how with companies looking for expertise, either occasionally or recurrently.

Already well established in the US and growing strongly in Europe, freelancing meets new professional and personal expectations. 

+45 % of freelancers since 2004 in Europe
50% of US citizens will undertake a freelance activity by 2027
88% are freelancers by choice

In 2019, the research of a good life balance has become a priority. We are searching for meaning in our daily activities, we want to improve our quality of life, to make our own choices and develop ourselves through professional mobility. For all these reasons, freelancing has become a new way of working & living, which is tending to be generalized in all kinds of industries in the coming years.   

On the other side, companies are looking for more flexibility & agility in a constantly changing environment. Moreover, access to independent experts allows them to cope with the increasing drain of talent. 

Outsourcing, a strong trend within the pharma industry area 

The pharmaceutical industry has always partly outsourced its activities. This is particularly true and amplified for R&D jobs.  Indeed, it is estimated that the outsourcing market will more than double by 2026 for these activities. This is mainly explained by the fact that projects in this area are highly risky and require more and more specific expertise

Furthermore, the regulatory & economic environment is increasingly constraining and drives pharma companies to also hunt punctual expertise for commercial phases

Generally, each increase in activity due to the development of a new molecule, the launch of a new drug or a new therapeutic indication favours outsourcing in the pharma area.  

A pool of experts already orbits pharma industries 

There is an increasing number of healthcare professionals willing to work independently for healthcare companies & organizations. This craze is due both to personal or professional choices (need for more freedom in organizing our time & for more geographic flexibility, high level of expertise, alternative to wage-earning, intellectual curiosity, skill development, multiplication of experiences…) but also to the current conjuncture (increase of redundancies & social plans, retirement…). 

Suggested projects & contracts are more and more diversified & rewarding. The offer meets the demand.  

Freelancing is already well established in pharma for R&D jobs like Clinical Research, R&D Project management, Statistics, Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, Medical writing, Epidemiology or Good Manufacturing Practices. 

There is also an increasing number of freelancers for more commercial activities such as Regulatory writing, Market Access writing, Health Economics modelling, Marketing analyses or Market Research.

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